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FAQ: Testing for Successful Configuration of OpenDNS

posted this on Jan 28 11:54


OpenDNS provides three different URLs that enable you to test and verify the successful configuration of OpenDNS on a network. The OpenDNS test URLs are described in the following table.

OpenDNS Test URL


Result When OpenDNS is Configured Correctly


An OpenDNS Web page with a large checkmark and wording that says, “Welcome to OpenDNS!”


An OpenDNS Web page with a warning icon and wording that says, “Phishing Site Blocked!”




Notice the intentional typo of .og: OpenDNS will auto-correct and bring the user to, which highlights our typo-correction feature and confirms that OpenDNS is working. 
Note: This test is not valid for OpenDNS Enterprise because NXDOMAIN redirection is disabled by default.



If these tests return results other than those described in the table, further troubleshooting may be required. To begin, we suggest to contact your ISP and confirm that they are not running a proxy. Also ask them if they allow 3rd-party DNS services, such as OpenDNS or Google DNS. You might also want to follow the instructions for configuring OpenDNS on each computer, which are available here.

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