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Does OpenDNS support IPv6?

posted this on Jan 31 14:11


OpenDNS provides recursive IPv6 domain resolution services at the following DNS Server IP addresses: 


At this time, OpenDNS provides only recursive domain resolution for IPv6 websites. Using a global network of DNS servers, OpenDNS is the first to provide reliable and fast IPv6 DNS resolution services.

As the global Internet community adopts IPv6, OpenDNS will enable the Web content filtering and security features, including malware, botnet and phishing protections.

Currently, not all routers support IPv6 DNS settings. If you have IPv6 connectivity and want OpenDNS IPv6 DNS resolution, the current best practice is to configure OpenDNS on the internal DNS servers or computers in a network. Click the appropriate link for the OpenDNS configuration procedures.

If you make changes to your DNS settings, OpenDNS recommends that you clear the DNS cache.

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