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Getting Started: The protection and filtering provided by OpenDNS

Matt Prytuluk
posted this on January 29, 2014, 14:41

Does OpenDNS provide content filtering?


OpenDNS offers the easiest way to filter Web content and prevent access to unsafe or inappropriate websites on your network. OpenDNS enables you to quickly block content with three predefined, easy-to-use Web filtering levels. You can also customize the Web categories to filter or allow access only to the websites you specify.

In addition, when a user attempts to visit a blocked website they will be directed to a landing page provided by OpenDNS, but customizable by you. If you provide your email address on this page, your users can contact you with questions. Attempts to visit blocked pages are also saved in reports that you can view from your OpenDNS account.


What level of security does OpenDNS provide for my network?


OpenDNS offers the following three types of security to prevent unsafe activity during your online sessions:

  1. Known websites that attempt to infect visitors with malware or botnets are blocked.
  2. Unknowingly visiting phishing websites is prevented. Our list of known phishing sites is updated daily.
  3. OpenDNS can also block suspicious websites that use IP addresses that are reserved only for internal networks.

OpenDNS security features offer significant safety benefits that protect Internet users from identity theft, infected computer systems and related down-time, and from receiving and unwittingly spreading viruses, botnets and spam.

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