Can't Access Local Network Device such as a Printer, File Server, ETC




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    This did not solve the problem with Verizon Actiontec router

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    Sure, because this solution was thought for Netgear routers with Live Parental Controls enabled, as the forum section clearly says.  It is not intended to help with Actiontec or any other routers.

    Also, this has not much to do with your router, but with editing your local hosts file.  The related hosts file entry for Chris' example would be:

    192.167.1.XXX   printerxyz

    (I'm sure he meant 192.168.1.XXX however...)

    If you do have problems to connect to your internal device by name, post the complete plain text output of the following commands in a new thread and in another more appropriate forum section, so that we may see what's going on.

    nslookup  <devicename>

    ping  <devicename>

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    Alexander Harrison


    For non-NETGEAR routers, there is often a domain suffix (like routername.home) that you can add to your network's "VPN Exceptions" setting under "Advanced Settings" of Please check into your stats to look for requests ending in .home, .network, or .router and add ".home", etc to the VPN exceptions list to enable them to work locally with OpenDNS. 

    Best regards,

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