Is there a Whitelist only Feature?




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    Hello.  I spoke with sales today , Wed Sept 24 2014, and they mentioned for the FREE Home use openDNS there *IS a whitelist only option.   So far the best I can do is set my Parental Controls to HIGH, and anything still found searching (we have to leave google open for now) I add to the block list.  I see you have a 'Never Block' list that acts like a whitelist.   Our goal at home (then if works I am planning to implement at my business) is to completely block *all interenet access and only allow access to the whitelist entries, thank you .

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    Chris Frost

    If you are using Live Parental Controls, unfortunately there is not a 'whitelist only feature.' However, OpenDNS VIP does offer this feature for home use. For more information please check out the link below:

    Additionally, please note that both the LPC and OpenDNS service cannot be used in conjunction with each other. 

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