Is it Possible to Customize the Guide or Blocked Pages?




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    it would be nice to turn the system on and off instead of deleting the whole program if you want to see a site that is being blocked. I have to block the whole site of utube but if something good is posted like a rescue or current facts being posted I have to delete the whole program. Unfortunately you cannot block certain items . If anyone knows away to block material that 14 and under can't see let me know  

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    "deleting the whole program"

    What program do you have to delete?  There is no program to be deleted.

    @domingotom, you posted this as off-topic to the original message about customizing pages.  Whatever...

    "it would be nice to turn the system on and off"

    No problem.  If you use a Netgear router with Live Parental Controls enabled:

    • Create a bypass account and login to this in order to bypass blocking temporarily


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