Is it Possible to Remove Ads or Disable the Guide?




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    I don't know why Opendns are so insistent that you can't use Opendns to block ads. They say it will slow down your surfing. I have been blocking ads for years and have absolutely no deterioration in speed. I replace all ads with a tiny image file. I can test delivery speed as my main router is not using Opendns but my extender is. Even on the so called worst page on the net there is no perceptible difference between the two. One loads the page with ads, the other not. I have high speed internet. Officially at around Mbps but in practice the speed tests often come in lower.
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    Ad blocking software or extensions work in a completely different manner from how blocking ads via OpenDNS would work. I don't know how you are replacing ads with an image file, but unless it's DNS based and does things like OpenDNS it's also going to be very, very different.

    It's not clear how you are actually doing this testing, but it sounds as if you were comparing unblocked internet access to ad blocking via software/extension. Unless you are testing blocking ads via OpenDNS and comparing it to unblocked surfing, or surfing with ad block software/extensions, then it doesn't do anything to prove or disprove a speed impact from blocking ads via OpenDNS.

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    Hi Matt, let me explain. I am using Opendns to block ads, not software. The way to do that is to put sites like Googleleads, and into your blacklisted site list. As for replacing ads with an image of your choice, that's optional. The Opendns website contains instructions on how to do that. I am comparing webpage download speed on an iPad (and on every pc, Mac and iPhone in my home) when firstly linked to a router which has the Opendns nameservers to secondly, the same deviced linked to a different router without the Opendns nameservers. There is no ad blocking software or extension for testing purposes. I am comparing like for like where the only difference is whether to use a router with the Opendns nameservers (on which the main adservers shown as prohibited websites), or to use a router without the Opendns name servers. The page delivery speed has no perceptible difference, but one page comes with ads, the other not. Below you can see the list from Opendns of the advertising pages that were blocked today. I was spared those ads! Filter: View Only requests that were blocked. RANK DOMAIN REASON REQUESTS 1 Blacklist 5 2 * Blacklist 5 3 Blacklist 3 4 Blacklist 2
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    Fine, so you're actually using OpenDNS to block ads, apparently to your satisfaction.  Why do you ask "why Opendns are so insistent that you can't use Opendns to block ads" then?

    "They say it will slow down your surfing."

    I never have seen them saying this.  It was me saying it, or better saying it may at least not reduce your traffic volume.  Why would you receive and send something over the internet connection you don't want to see?  Exactly this is what you do if you block ads (or something else) with a cloud service like OpenDNS.

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