Mikrotik (WinBox) Dynamic Update Script




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    The scripts works great on 6.40.3. So thank you!

    Only one change I suggest. A more efficient way of fetching the current IP (without fetching a TXT) is by using this command:

    :local currentIP [:resolve myip.opendns.com server=]

    That way you use opendns servers to check your IP and you don't depend on a third party service.

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    starspin (Edited )

    So what is the update-only-password exactly and how can obtain it.

    Thanks :D  

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    What 3rd party service?  DNS-O-Matic is an OpenDNS service too...

    But your proposal holds valid too.

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    iset the script for my mikrotik balancing 3 adsl lines, first adsl line got good answer from opendns, but the other two lines got inactive always, the 3 lines have dynamic ip

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    You would have to have three dashboard networks, one for each public IP address.  And you would have to ensure that each of three update processes keeps its dedicated dashboard network updated, e.g. by configuring persistent routes.  Not sure if your Mikrotik supports updates of multiple lines and persistent routes.

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