New R7000 is locked into OpenDNS, what user? Who knows but I can't change DNS servers



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    jeffca92677 (Edited )

    Rich posted this for me, he actually sent the router to me, and I cannot get it off OPENDNS.

    This Netgear tie-in with OpenDNS is just awful. There are other public DNS systems, like Google and

    or my own COX DNS servers.

     S/N 4449697c707ea

      MAC Address:  10:DA:43:B4:D8:0B

    I asked to have this router removed, as it's locked into some account, it's a brand new router (November 18, 2016 purchase, delivered soon after) and now a real headache because of OPENDNS.  Call it "ClosedDNS" 


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    The only thing you have to do is to disable Live Parental Controls.
    And then you can configure whatever DNS service you want to use.

    If it doesn't work with Genie, try with the Management Utility from

    If this is also not possible, then Cisco/OpenDNS is the wrong place for your issue.  You must refer to Netgear support, because this is a router problem then, unrelated to OpenDNS and LPC.

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