"Blocked site" page is incomplete for CNAME



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The block page generally never "knows" the detailed reason why a domain is being blocked by your settings.  And if a categorization is being displayed on the block page, this is for your information only, not necessarily the reason why the domain is being blocked.  This is because you will be redirected, also multiple times, until you reach the block page, and OpenDNS did not foresee to hand over and carry the final reason up to this end.  It just hands over the domain name.

    However, some indication and differentiation is provided by the block page.  One can see if it is being blocked because of category setting or individually blacklisting or phishing or malware.  But that's all and is possible because of the different redirects related to these areas.

    If you want to see the more detailed reason, you have to visit https://dashboard.opendns.com/stats/all/blockeddomains

    "It would be nice if the "Blocked Site" page just showed the reason as "parked domains are blocked"."

    As I have explained, this is not possible yet.  Also, you should know that you have the category Parked Domains blocked, isn't it?  The block page may not need to unnecessarily repeat it.

    The only problem I can see is that in this particular case the categorization is not being displayed on the block page as it normally appears there.  This would be an incident to be raised via support ticket, not to be raised as an "idea".

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    yavnehtech (Edited )


    The OP is actually not the only one that would like this "feature". I am experiencing the same issue, the blocked page says it has been blocked by network administrator but does not give further details, because the domain itself is not blocked or the category itself, but the inherited tag/cname is, so if I or any of my 800 users encounter this same error/block page, that means that I have to go into the domain tagging URL from openDNS, insert the URL there, and see that on a red Note: area the domain is inheriting some category or domain being blocked. THIS is what he means, why cant the block page say that it encountered an inherited block or tag.. that's all, how many other reasons are there for a page to be blocked? Category? check. Global Block destination list? check. Inherited tags? missing... so next time you want to comment mr rotblitz, put yourself in the shoes of the network administrator that has to go the extra mile to figure something out as if he had all the free time in the world, when the solution can be a simple one, when domains encounter a cname/inherited tag, display that as the reason why, SIMPLE.

    Have a good day.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Why do you talk to me?  I have just described the current situation, not defending it, and have shown the way how to do it under the given circumstances.  Also, I have voted for this idea, but there are only 3 up-votes just now, far too less to attract attention to OpenDNS.  Can you send a few more voters to here please?

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