Unable to block sample site www.exampleadultsite.com and other adult content sides



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    To add additional information here. This occurs only on the android phone  which has been rooted. 

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "However none of the adult websites are blocked."

    Are you aware that OpenDNS doesn't block anything such by default unless you configured it at your dashboard or used the FamilyShield addresses?

    "I have been able to test the welcome.opendns.com website which gives me a welcome"

    Did you also visit http://welcome.opendns.com/ from this Android device?  Visiting on another device doesn't prove anything regarding the Android device.

    There are indications that Chrome on Android circumvents individual DNS configurations and uses its own, most likely Google DNS.  You could use a different browser or do not use Android devices.

    Maybe it's possible to make it work with an additional app?

    There are more of those apps:

    Just seeing that you posted this under "Netgear Live Parental Controls".  Are you using a Netgear router with LPC enabled?  If so, you cannot configure external DNS resolver addresses on end user devices, but you can configure the router's IP address as the only DNS server address, also on most of those apps.

    Further, you cannot use LPC in parallel with OpenDNS Home, because these are not compatible.  Delete any network at https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/ - your dashboard is only at https://netgear.opendns.com/

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