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    "whose "Safe DNS" category would be validated by OpenDNS."

    OpenDNS has no control over the authoritative DNS configuration of other sites like Google or Bing.  This configuration can change at any time without any notice.  Therefore I do not think that OpenDNS has a way to cover this.  However, it's already done by many search engine providers themselves:

    This is the only way to go.  However, it seems there are other DNS based service providers offering these search engines supplied Safe Search features with their (paid) services, especially the CNAME option.  OpenDNS won't do it, because CNAME configuration would be the responsibility of authoritative DNS, not of recursive DNS as provided by OpenDNS.

    OpenDNS try to increase your security level.  Redirecting domains based on authoritative CNAME entries would significantly decrease security and safety, i.e. mixing authoritative and recursive DNS would be counterproductive to security and safety.

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    dnsalunebis (Edited )

    I apologize for my bad English, because it is not my mother language.
    Possibly, I did not explain myself very well, because I am using a translator to explain my suggestions.

    What I'm trying to point out is that there are certain top-level domains for which OpenDNS has concluded that the best way to deal with them, is to define them as "Search Engines" only, regardless of the capabilities they have in presenting content.

    Subsequently, redirects users to the DNS Management solution for "IT Admins" as presented in Your article, in my view correctly.

    For example "" has the same ability to implement DNS Safe Search, like "Google", "Youtube" and "Bing", however is in general vote for the community, here positive results can be harmful in the use of this domain.

    The "" is another demonstrative example of what I am referring to, at this time with the aggravation of having been positively classified as "Visual Search Engines" and therefore denied if a user makes use of this classification ("" and "" will not).

    Let's look at the "Bing" case where OpenDNS blocked the Polls because it considered it to have a "SafeSearch DNS" solution.

    At OpenDNS there are distinct approaches to dealing with top-level domains that have certain characteristics (of course) and what I'm suggesting is that other domains (very few) are well evaluated in the same way.

    In this list are all the top "Google" domains that are specific to each country, as listed below.

    Finally, the last suggestion I would leave would be to divide these Domains with "SafeSearch DNS" solutions from others who do not have this capability.

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    Good afternoon,

    I verify that the user's response "Rotblitz" is in "Pending Approval" mode.
    Let me ask, what am I supposed to do? I will have to review my "Post" following the considerations written in the image, or wait until this response acquires the "Definitive" mode.

    Leonel Cruz

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    "wait until this response acquires the "Definitive" mode"

    No, you don't have to wait.

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    I think that this theme that I put, has already highlighted the main themes that he would refer to.
    I note that our thoughts in this tip of the "Idea Bank", has taken an orientation that gave rise to another suggestion, which I will expose and substantiate.
    I consider this topic closed, because I believe in my next suggestion, this debate will be much more useful.
    Thank you in advance for the comments of the user "Rotblitz" that were fundamental to my enlightened thinking.

    Leonel Cruz

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