no bypass account in my netgear genie



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    "I have a netgear N300 router."
    "my problem is when i try to use my bypass account through the netgear genie app on my computer, there are no bypass accounts listed. They are listed on the website when I click on "Change custom settings" and it takes me there, but not in the app on my computer."

    Ensure that your router model supports all the features you're looking for.  The lists the supported devices near the bottom of the page.  According to your symptoms your router model doesn't seem to support bypass accounts.

    "I also have an openDNS account at which i have created parental blocks for my network, and created a bypass account for the adults in our family to use."

    Could it be that you use both at the same time, Netgear LPC and OpenDNS Home?  This does not work, because these services are incompatible.  Delete any network you may have configured at so that you use only Netgear LPC.  Your LPC dashboard is only at

    "also is there a way to set different live parental controls for my "guest network" and my main network since my router has both."

    Could be.  You had to raise this question with Netgear support or in the Netgear forum.  This doesn't sound to be OpenDNS related but needs to be supported by the router's firmware which is Netgear's.  See here a related thread from two years ago.

    "When I use my VPN "Private Internet Access"(PIA) program,  and try to access my parental controls through the netgear genie app, it tells me i am not connected to the internet, even though I am and have full internet access through all other programs on my this something i need to change in the setrtings of my VPN software?"

    Generally, when you're conntected through a VPN, you do not use the DNS service configured for your normal internet connection unless you have explicitly configured it if you can at all.  This may not be possible with LPC.  Therefore the Genie app reports that you are not connected to the internet.  Also this question needs to be raised with Netgear, because it is unrelated to the service part provided by OpenDNS.  The Genie app is Netgear's, not OpenDNS'.

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