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    Well, go ahead and do it.  What prevents you from doing it?

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    This is a very important feature and not hard to implement either!

    I even tried the business service "Cisco Umbrella" but it does not "Time Based" schedule.

    SafeDNS (another provider) has it but the blacklisting was not working!

    My current workaround:

    - I have a router that can implement 2 Wifi networks with scheduled time

    - create 2 vlans with one of the vlans pointing to OpenDNS for DNS

    - set the restriction to "High" to block everything

    - Homework time is the time when the restricted VLAN / WIFI is active

    - other time, have the other vlan/wifi active

    The draw back with this approach is the non-restricted vlan/wifi is not protected against adult content and viruses :(


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    What do you base your statement that it's "not hard to implement upon"?

    Without a complete redesign of DNS, which would either require new operating systems worldwide, or installing specialized software on every computer using OpenDNS there is no reliable way to make DNS based filtering work reliably due to the presence of multiple caches in the entire "DNS chain". These caches include the cache in the browser or browsers installed on a device, the DNS cache for the device itself, potential DNS servers in the local network, DNS cache on the router, and even potential caching done by the ISP. Without clearing all of those caches at the same time, time based filtering will not be effective until the contents of the cache naturally time out.

    If you want to use time based filtering with OpenDNS you need to use a Netgear router with LPC (Live Parental Controls).

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