No response for 6 days to support ticket - OpenDNS "VIP" Customer




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    Mash Sarband


    We apologize for the delayed response - we've been experiencing an unexpectedly high ticket load over the last few days and has significantly impacted response times.

    I have gone ahead and responded to your ticket. 




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    This is not my experience as a non-paying user.  They reply and solve issues rather incredibly quickly.

    I assume initially you got an automatic e-mail response with a ticket number of #284559.

    Also, your tickets should be listed at
    If you don't find your ticket, raise another.

    You may respond via e-mail on the initial e-mail which should go to support[at]opendns[dot]com to maybe attract more attention.  Please note, they work on business days only, usually within 72 hours, unless you have purchased an enhanced service option like phone or TAM support.

    Regardless, did you consider to report your problem here?  Other users may be able to help.

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    I did not report my issue here because I searched and found another post from a user with the identical issue, and the community's response was to open a trouble ticket with support.  In fact, rotblitz, it was you who gave that advice.  You are very active on these forums, thank you!

    I did recieve an automatic email, which I'll paste below.  I also have been viewing the "My Requests" page daily, and as of right now the status is still as follows:


    Note that they explicitly instruct me to NOT respond until it has been assigned, or risk their response being delayed.  Here's the automated response that i received:

    Your request (#284559) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

    Our tickets are answered in the order received, so to avoid delaying your response, please don’t reply to a ticket until it has been assigned to a support representative.

    To add additional comments, reply to this email or click the link below:


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