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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "I have created a user account for my children"

    I assume you're talking about bypass accounts?  Your children must have Genie or the User Utility installed on the devices they use, so that they can login to these user accounts.

    Your measure makes sense only if your default settings are even more restrictive than the bypass account settings, else they will not use their bypass account, but will simply use the default settings.

    Your best bet is to configure the default settings for your children and to use a less restrictive bypass account for you.

    I believe there are also device restrictions, depending on the router model you have.  You may use these in addition to bypass accounts.

    "I am rather lost on this opendns....."

    Most of this has nothing to do with OpenDNS, but with Netgear only.  Better visit the knowledge base or forum of Netgear.

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