Blocking Certain Websites Through Certain Times Of The Day


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "This may already be a feature however I haven't seen it"

    This feature request has been raised many times already and has always been declined by OpenDNS for good technical reasons, mainly the hurdle of local caches.

    "Can OpenDNS content block on the RV325 router and can it block during certain times of the day?"

    Two questions, two answers:

    1. Blocking by OpenDNS does not take effect on the router, not yours and not any other.  OpenDNS is a configurable online service in the cloud.  And DNS generally is not device specific.
    2. As I said: no.

    "I want to be able to block websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ETC. during work hours and have them unblocked at lunch."

    This is probably possible with a Netgear router which supports Live Parental Controls (powered by OpenDNS).

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