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    New categories can be suggested at

    "I want to block them all by default and allow only a few exemptions in the whitelist.  For doing this, I would need a new blocking category"

    No, you need OpenDNS VIP which comes with whitelist-only mode.  As it exists what you want, you'll most likely not get such a category you're looking for.

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    hp551 (Edited )

    The problem is that the category blocking doesn't work for TLDs in the whitelist-only mode.

    Let's assume that I whitelist the TLDs .uk and .org, but at the same time I want to block porn and webspam.
    The block will not apply to .uk and .org.

    My suggested category would enable all customers to have a more granular control over the insanely increasing number of TLDs.

    There are roughly 1,500 TLDs (about 300 ccTLDs and 1,200 non-ccTLDs).

    Blocking the appr.1,200 non-ccTLDs per category means that you gain back control over the lion-share of TLDs, while you can still block further ccTLDs and categories...but also whitelist some non-ccTLDs or domains that you find useful.

    That all being said, I just realize that the TLDs .com and .net are also non-ccTLDs, right?

    In order to avoid jeopardising the category blocking, I would therefore suggest a category "All non-ccTLDs except .com and .net".

    Users will probably immediately start to whitelist popular non-ccTLDs like .org or .edu or .gov, but overall this will not much lower the effectiveness of category blocking.

    The disadvantage of this category could be that a consumer product like "OpenDNS VIP" will offer similar granularity like an enterprise product such as "Umbrella".

    On the other hand, I could imagine that also the enterprise customers would appreciate the new category, and -again- the problem is basically the increasing number of non-ccTLDs.

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    Agreed.  Your idea got my vote.

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