Built in ability to block by country code / domain similar to categories



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    I am not sure I agree this as a duplicate.  I'm specifically asking for a geographic black list feature with some specific user interface behavior. 

    Anyone that claims that a white list is the solution doesn't understand the issue geographic domain blocking (not domain local) can help solve and the hassle that a 'white list only' mode creates.  The white list feature has it's place but not in the main stream security arena for bulk internet access.

    That said, there are at least a few others (and probably many more not speaking up) that see this is a valuable feature.  OpenDNS VIP, and Umbrella from my discussion with a rather un-professional rep that called me after requesting a quote, doesn't include this capability. So why would anyone needing such a feature want to upgrade?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "Web Content Filtering options, similar to the category list, that includes the 220+ country specific domains for blocking."

    Because nearly nobody wants to maintain such a huge list?  Imagine a list of 220+ items with check boxes beside, and another couple of buttons to check all, clear all, check specific, clear specific...

    "select  / clear by continent / region, etc."

    This doesn't make sense either, because most ccTLDs can be registered on any continent or in any region for every purpose, and this possibility is being used to a high percentage.  The ccTLDs are practically not really related to a country, region or continent in most cases anymore.  Just a few govenments have issued restrictions.

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    dee_el (Edited )

    I'd love to be able to block .ga domains, as every .ga domain I've encountered in my  digital marketing job was set up for spam purposes, and I have no legitimate reason to visit any .ga domains.

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    "I'd love to be able to block .ga domains"

    Fine, then simply do it!  You don't need to post here off-topic in a thread being about ccTLD categories.  You add the TLD to your "always block" list.

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    Here's the kind of thing I was thinking of, personally.  OpenDNS is already doing, well, DNS on any given domain.  Even though the origin isn't known based on TLD, it should be reasonably accurate to know by IP address, which they already have.  Even if not entirely accurate, I'll bet you can get pretty close on knowing IPs coming from Ghana and block anything that resolves to them.  That's how sites like Azure allow you to block logins from countries/regions.

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