How to configure OPENDNS to WIFI Extender?



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    I also do not know why it doesn't work through the WiFi extender.  But try with configuring the OpenDNS resolver addresses also on the extender.  The outputs of the following diagnostic commands will show what DNS service is currently being used, executed on a computer connected to the extender:

    nslookup -type=txt
    netsh interface ipv4 show config (on Windows only)
    ifconfig -all (on OS X and Linux)


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    I did not try your above suggestion (Do I key in those at Command Prompt?).

    Anyway, the Family Shield & worked very well on both the Extender and router.  

    Just not sure why the and can't be used on the Extender.  

    Thank you

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    Yes, you run the commands in the command prompt (at least on Windows). You can also highlight and copy the results out of the command prompt, you wont actually need to take a screenshot of the results.

    The result for the diagnostic commands is to figure out why. Make sure when you run them that it's from a computer connected through the extender and that you are using the OpenDNS addresses rather than the FamilyShield addresses.

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