How do I add DNSCrypt to my DSL modem-router - Verizon Actiontec GT784WNV ?


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Although OpenDNS DNS service supports the DNSCrypt protocol, it is not really OpenDNS specific, because many DNS services support DNSCrypt in the meantime.  Especially, using DNSCrypt on a specific router is clearly out of the scope of this forum unless you can present a usable solution already which can help other users.

    For DNSCrypt support see
    For router support visit the support site of your router's supplier.
    For FIOS from Verizon, contact them or a related forum.

    Just to briefly answer some of your questions:

    "Do I need to add it to my router?"

    No, you don't.  It's your choice.  Did you understand right that DNSCrypt requires software to be installed?  And I doubt that DNSCrypt software can be installed on such an ISP supplied router which may be already trimmed down and restricted from many changes.

    "If yes, would I change one of the WAN IP numbers above to something special (does not seem right)"

    Not sure what you mean by "WAN IP numbers".  This sounds dangerous.  Change only DNS related configuration on the WAN side of the router, never other IP addresses or subnet masks or such in the effort of using DNSCrypt or another DNS service like OpenDNS!

    "or would I go to the different page "LAN IP and DHCP Settings" and change DNS from Dynamic (where it's always been) to Static and then make DNS Server 1 point to something special?"

    This doesn't have to happen on the LAN/DHCP side (because you don't want to propagate external or localhost addresses to the end user devices), but it has to happen on the WAN side of the router.  DHCP has still to propagate the router's IP address as DNS server address to the end user devices.

    After you have installed DNSCrypt (if you are able to do so at all), you must configure static DNS server addresses as the localhost address where DNSCrypt listens to, like, on the WAN side.  This localhost address is configurable in DNSCrypt.  DNSCrypt then proxies the DNS traffic to the DNS server address of your choice, e.g. one from OpenDNS.  And this destination address is configurable in DNSCrypt too.

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