Statistics to include those from the old and new (dynamic) IP



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The normal behavior is that all stats are retained for 2 weeks, not just the ones from the current IP address.  Your problem must be of a different nature.

    Is it maybe that you delete your network and create a new one when your IP address changes, instead of keeping the existing network updated?

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    Thanks for your response. What you've said sounds different to a response to this post I made on the same problem:

    My ISP provides me with a dynamic IP address. I'm not making any changes to my network in OpenDNS, other than having the OpenDNS updater automatically change my IP address.

    Please can you confirm what the current behaviour around what stat's I can see when my IP changes in this way?


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Didn't know?  Your tickets can be accessed only by you and OpenDNS staff.  :(
    I'm neither of you or them, so cannot comment on your ticket.

    And yes, I confirm what I have said above.  With OpenDNS Home Free you can see all stats you have collected for the last two weeks, regardless of your IP address and its changes, as long as you keep your IP address information registered at OpenDNS, and as long as you visit your stats at least every two weeks.

    My IP address, registered with an OpenDNS Home Free network, changes at least once daily, and I always see all my stats from the last two weeks.  My update client is the built-in of my router, and I send the updates through DNS-O-Matic.  So IP address changes are handled in real-time.

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    pieter.vanderhulst (Edited )


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    What does your posting have to do with the topic of this thread, namely as soon as his IP address changes the logged data from the previous IP disappears? It doesn't appear to have anything to do with it.

    Assuming it doesn't actually have anything to do with the topic please start your own thread, rather than hijacking this one.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    pieter.vanderhulst, you wrote:

    I am more looking into detailed loggings, rather than just a high level overview.

    Currently for instance the overview of unique IP's / domains only shows a number per day.

    I would rather like to see the drilldown of this instead of just a (meaningless) number.

    The unique IPs are losely related to the topic of this thread, because these stats indicate from how many of your IP addresses the DNS lookups originated.  If you have one network with one IP address, then this will be usually one unique IP address, maybe two at the hour when your IP address changed.  This is not one number per day, but shown at least on a per hour base.  I would not see any need why this would need to be drilled down.  You very well know by other means how many and what IP addresses you had and when they changed if you look into the IP update history of your update client or maybe in your router's log.

    The unique domains are a different thing, unrelated to the topic of this thread, and the stats are drilled down.  These are usually the domains where you see one request only in your domain stats.  I also would not know why and how you would have drilled this down.  These stats are good to see when DNS lookups for new domains once have been raised.

    I agree with mattwilson9090 that you would have to raise this as a different idea in the idea bank.  It is something different from the idea having been raised by lyndsayp.  And lyndsayp's idea isn't a valid proposal anyway, as it is already the case that all stats are held, no matter if the IP address has changed or not.  The OP must be doing something wrong.

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