Parental Controls says it's active, but isn't blocking web sites



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    My observation: although your computer sends DNS queries over your router's IPv6 address fe80::a221:b7ff:fe6c:ccc1, OpenDNS seems to see your queries coming from IPv4 address and Netgear device ID EF0A0AA0000BFC49, so it should work.  Try with disabling IPv6 in the active network connection on your computer to see if it works then.  There have been more such problems reported in conjunction with IPv6, but I have not seen a solution.

    You may also check the Netgear community site to possibly find solutions.,WiFi%20Routers&q=parental%20controls%20IPv6

    If this does not help, raise a support ticket with OpenDNS with a link to this thread.  If you ever find a solution, please post it here, so that other users can benefit from it.

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    Thank you very much for the suggestion. 

    Ultimately - this worked well to solve my problem.

    A couple of comments: 

    a) I found there are two main ways of disabling IPV6

        - through Windows network adapter settings

        - through Router advanced settings

    I initially turned off IPV6 through windows adapter settings - this make Parental Controls work, but seemed to cause a weird issue where any secure site "https" would give an error saying the site was not secure. 

    When I re-enabled IPV6 in the network adapter settings and disabled IPV6 in the Netgear Router advanced settings, everything seems to be working fine. 


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Many thanks for this feedback!

    What you describe indicates that the IPv6 handling on this Netgear router's firmware is not well prepared and not sophisticated enough to seemlessly work with the Live Parental Controls.  They may need to fix their firmware for this scenario.  LPC should work also with IPv6.  My suggestion is to raise a case with Netgear Support.

    "seemed to cause a weird issue where any secure site "https" would give an error saying the site was not secure."

    What would show up if you ignored this browser warning?  What URL would you be landing on? 
    It looks a bit like

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