xfinity - Cisco Model DPC3941T DNS settings not editable



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    It's hard to find nerds for a specific router here.  You better refer to the support site of your router.

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    Comcast told us we needed a new cable mode (gateway) and sent it to us, giving us 30 days to return the previous one. My problem is the DNS settings on the new one can only be viewed and not altered. 

    The problem seems to be that Comcast is forcing us to use THEIR parental controls, which I have 2 problems with. 

    First, Comcast parental controls are TEDIOUS. They require us to label EVERY device that connects to our home network, assign it to someone, and apply parental controls on that basis. Our kids have tons of friends, and there is NO WAY I'm going even be around to add their devices to a protected group, much less want to. 

    Second, in this age of no net neutrality, it definitely looks like Comcast is wanting insights on individual devices and forcing us to classify the devices for them. 

    So at this point we are very stuck. I would FAR rather have OpenDNS's "set and forget" rules that we all live by, then this granular, tedious, time consuming and invasive system Comcast is forcing on us. 

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    So stop being a corporate sheep and get your own router. Select one that has the features that you want, then plug it into the comcast modem and ignore the worthless nonesense on the Comcast equipment.

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