Viewing domains by time they were visited?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    If this is about OpenDNS Home, then you do not find it out.  This feature exists in Cisco Umbrella only which comes with real-time stats and time stamps.  Else you had to enable some kind of local logging to capture this.

    Also, "by time they were visited" must read "by time they were looked up".  DNS traffic and web traffic are only loosely related, and you never know if a domain is being visited after having been looked up.

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    +1 that a timestamp makes the log useful. Without it, this is almost entirely useless.  Please add this to the Home accounts or make a business account realistically priced for individuals who want more detail. 


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    This isn't in the idea bank, so you cannot vote it up.  And no reason to request what already exists.

    You simply subscribe to Premium DNS (for free, also as business) and get what you want:

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