Wheres the Android Client Guys?



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    Adam Winn (Edited )

    We're exploring Android as a potential expansion. A few questions would be helpful for our research:

    - What do you find more important with Android, phishing protection, content category filtering, or general malware prevention?

    - Do you have an MDM to manage the devices?

    - Are they all one brand, like Samsung, or a mix?

    - How big is your Android fleet?

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    My personal order of preference would be phishing, malware, content category. That is for my wife's personal phone. She uses it almost exclusively for all of her Internet activity. Her desktop and tablet almost never get used anymore. The phone is the computer. I see now there are options to change the DNS settings in Android, but that's a per network, Wi-Fi only change. Also, that just uses your servers with the default policies and does not enforce my custom policies like the client does.

    From a business/enterprise perspective, I think you have to review what capabilities AirWatch and Intune have and find the sweet spot. I personally would still go with Umbrella over AirWatch for DNS management, because I think they require use of their browser for protection, although I could be wrong. At my employer (40,000 person enterprise) we have AirWatch, but are not fully managing the device - only requiring a couple of controls. Android is the most popular mobile OS. Practically all devices are BYOD, so it's a mix of brands. I would guess most are Samsung and HTC with a few Google devices sprinkled in here and there.


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