DNSCrypt Incompatible with Oracle Application Express. Cannot uninstall DNSCrypt.



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    I do not think that your problem is related to DNSCrypt, because DNSCrypt listens on, not on or  The problem seems to be with Oracle XE.

    "Cannot uninstall DNSCrypt."

    How this?  You said you uninstalled it.  What is the evidence that it isn't uninstalled?

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    watifarot (Edited )

    Doesn't means 8080 ?


    To uninstall, I followed these instructions (Removing the software from the system).

    I ran this command:

     dnscrypt-proxy --uninstall

    And then deleted the dnscrypt directory.

    ¿how can I check that it is uninstalled?
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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "Doesn't means 8080 ?"

    Yes, it means that Oracle XE is to listen on port 8080.  But DNSCrypt proxy listens on port 53, so no conflict and no impact.  If you cannot connect to, then Oracle XE is not orderly running and doesn't listen.

    "how can I check that it is uninstalled?"

    If the dnscrypt-proxy.exe doesn't exist anymore on disk and as a service, then it is uninstalled.

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    Ok.Thanks rotblitz


    It should be another problem, then.

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