Local IP identity and accurate time stamps



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    This feature exists. You need the package with active directory integration.

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    What you want is already available via paid products, especially time stamps for DNS lookups. I don't see OpenDNS adding a paid feature into the free product like that.

    As for providing local IP addresses, especially private IP addresses for a device behind a NAT router, it is simply not possibly without either changing the entire DNS spec worldwide, or installing software that specifically communicates that information to OpenDNS server. A standard DNS request will only send the public IP from the network where the request is made, once the request gets back to the router, NAT will send it whatever made the request, and if that device was requesting it for something else will send it back from there. At no time is non-routable information such as private IP addresses or MAC addresses sent in the DNS request, so OpenDNS has no way to log it. It can only log the public IP address of the network where a request originated from. Local host names have similar restrictions, and also are not communicated in a standard DNS lookup.

    If you want that kind of non-routable information to be logged you'll need to use one of the paid products that uses some sort of local software to communicate it with the OpenDNS servers, including the ones that offer Active Directory integration.

    That said, the information that you are asking you for will not accurately tell you who is "doing what and when". At most it would tell you when a DNS lookup is forwarded to the OpenDNS servers. If a lookup was already in a local cache, nothing would be sent to OpenDNS, so there would be nothing logged. Also, a significant portion of DNS activity is NOT caused by someone browsing to a specific website. If that site has ads many, many DNS lookups are going to happen as a result of those ads loading, not someone in your house browsing to a website associated with those ads. If there are buttons to social media such as Facebook or Twitter that will likely also cause lookups, even if someone did nothing with those social media sites. There can be even more DNS lookups not associated with what someone is doing if their browser is configured to do "advance loading" by speculatively downloading content and pages by following links on the page in anticipation of someone clicking on those links.

    Also, bear in mind that OpenDNS is only recording the domain that was looked up. It does not receive information about, and knows nothing about, URL's, websites, webpages, content, images, video, etc. So in that regard it also isn't very good at telling you who is doing what and when.

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    It seems you edited your original message with this sentence:

    "Wow very good responses - sorry guys I should have been more clear I was talking about the home or personal products only. I have the paid home product and it does not have any of the features I talked about."

    Yes, you should have said this initially already.  And again, this feature exists in Umbrella with Active Directory integration and partially (time stamps) in the free Premium DNS service.  Be ensured, OpenDNS will not give this away for free or add this to OpenDNS VIP, the version you're subscribed to.

    Also, internal IP address logging is technically not possible with your OpenDNS VIP service, but requires locally installed software within an MS Active Directory environment.

    Summarizing: If you want these features, you have to upgrade to Umbrella with Active Directory integration.  If you are happy with time stamps and real-time stats already, go for the free Premium DNS.  It looks like this then:

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