Overriding OpenDNS


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    Various flavors of "bypassing" OpenDNS already exist. With the paid versions, depending on which one you get, you have options such as a bypass code, which will allow a lookup of a blocked domain (but does not disable it for a specific device) or you can do things like set different profiles for different devices (which is going to require additional software installation and network configuration). You also have the option of LPC on some Netgear routers, which can allow different configurations and (I think) bypass capability as well, but I don't use that product line so I cant tell you much about the exact capabilities.

    As for getting this capability in OpenDNS Home for free, I don't think that will ever happen. OpenDNS is already providing a lot of capability for free, and I don't see them giving other features away for free. After all, they have bills to pay, and I think their employees enjoy being able to pay their rent and buy groceries.

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