New category to block by default: "counterfeit-related" websites



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    OpenDNS will never block any category by default. They provide categories, as well as 3 predefined sets of categories plus the custom option, but choosing what to block is entirely up to you. They have made it quite clear that they will not impose anything on anyone.

    How many domains have you identified that would belong to this category? What would be the definition of what counts for this new category?

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    Wouldn't this fall under this?

    • Web Spam

      Redirect targets containing unwanted Sweepstakes/Survey/Advertisements for free merchandise, pharmaceutical spam or Rolex distributions.

    Also, new categories should be requested here:

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    Many thanks both for the quick and clear feedback.

    @mattwilson9090 I appreciate the clarification. Such websites I am referring to belong to a grey area all related with the online counterfeiting and related to the Internet underground economy which hurt us a society and not to mention to human rights. But I agree I would not "block" something by default cause that is another conversation.

    Just in a passive way during the research I have identified around 15.000 websites (half of them have been already taken down due to legal matters), but the research project I work on is detecting new domains of this category in a daily basis.


    @rotblitz, indeed some of them could fall under such category, but its something more wide, those websites often do not redirect but use another tactics to attract unsuspected users. "Counterfeit-related" would highlight the online fraud behind.


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