Estou tentando adicionar o endereço IP e não consigo!



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    You can register your IP address under the following prerequisites:

    • It must be the IP address OpenDNS is seeing from your DNS traffic.  You can find it out with:
    • This DNS IP address must match your web IP address.
    • The IP address must not be shared with other people.
    • The IP address must not belong to a private IP address range but must be publicly routable over the internet.

    If only one of the above items is not given, you cannot register your IP address, so you will not be able to use your dashboard settings for e.g. content filtering and stats and logs.  You still can use OpenDNS with its default settings though.

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    Dear rotblitz
    I'm not achieving the default setting.
    I put in my network WAN the DNS address of OpenDNS but it does not work on any device! I follow exactly the tutorial of my router but it does not work

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This is new information.  Yesterday it was with registering your IP address.  Now it is with configuring your router for OpenDNS.  So, what's your problem then, the first or the second?

    Copy & paste the complete plain text output of the following diagnostic commands to here:

    nslookup -type=txt
    nslookup -type=txt

    Also post a screen shot of the router page where you have configured OpenDNS.  And post a screen shot of

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