Multiple Networks, want OpenDNS disabled on a private network



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    Uh, no, OpenDNS does not detect two separate routers. It "detects" all of the DNS traffic coming to it from your registered (with OpenDNS) public IP address, and applies the settings that you have chosen to that DNS traffic.

    If you have your network configured such that your router or routers are sending all of their DNS traffic to OpenDNS, and you then block those addresses then you'll pretty much "break" the entire internet until you change things so that your DNS traffic can get through.

    It sounds as if you have these two routers "in series" with the WAN port of one connected to a LAN port of another, which is then either directly connected to your "modem" or to another router that is provided by your ISP. And that second router, the outermost one, is where you are blocking the OpenDNS addresses. If that's the case, then that's exactly how I'd expect things to behave.

    I have no idea why you are trying to do things this way, or what it is that you are trying to accomplish, but regardless of that, since OpenDNS knows nothing about routers, there is no checkbox on your dashboard that would control this. You'll need to configure your network so that the DNS traffic is capable of getting to where you want it to go. How you'll do that is entirely dependendent on what you are trying to accomplish, and the routers and their software that you are trying to use.

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    In addition to what mattwilson9090 said:

    "I want OpenDNS to be disabled on one router"

    Nothing is simpler in the world.  You configure another (non-OpenDNS) DNS service on this router, be it your ISP's or one of the other some 4800 public DNS services in the world.  You always need a DNS service, and blocking the OpenDNS resolver addresses does not make any sense, as mattwilson9090 said.

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