Connecting open dns after reset router



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    Sooo many typos! Using my phone to post! Sorry!

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "Now I log into netgear open dns and I cannot get my settings back."

    Your best bet is to open a support ticket with the exact details like your user ID and device ID.  One thing is for sure: if you reset your router to factory defaults, you'll lose everything what you did before, like enabling LPC.

    Also, you forgot to say what exact services you're talking about:

    • "I had a netgear i uaed an Open DNS account and I atill have that with even more blacklist/whitelisted aites since I paid for extra and was able to protect roaming computers and devices"
      What exact service was this?  Was it possibly OpenDNS Home VIP?
    • "I like that I can go to my netgear genie and toggle off parental controls when I want."
      This seems to refer to LPC.  Here are the related instructions:
      As I said, you may have to enable LPC again.

    "Any suggestions on how to make life easier."

    What do you want to achieve to make your life easier?

    "Is there a way to use either of the open DNS accounts"

    Again, what exact services are you referring to with these two accounts?  Normally you can use only one of these services at any time, because the other services may be incompatible.

    "Using my phone to post!"

    Not a good idea to use a toy instead of a computer...

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