Cannot sign-in to OpenDNS using Netgear Genie to enable parental controls



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    After spendings hours upon hours with this same issue, it turns out to be the Genie. There is some buggy issue with the connection between your genie and  Opendns. I tried everything from resetting my router to factory settings, uninstalling the genie, making several accounts. Nothing worked. In the end, I had to download the genie on myiPad. I had been using the genie on windows 10. Anyway, the Apple genie let me login to Opendns. Netgear is aware of this issue and don't seem to be making any effort to fix the problem. All the while parents are buying these routers specifically for the parental control. I had it working flawlessly for years, then the firmware update. I understand your frustration. 

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    Posting the same thing in three different threads?  Why?


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