Logitech Harmony Remote not syncing using OpenDNS


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I don't exactly know what "Logitech Harmony Elite Remote" is, if this is hardware or software or both, but I have questions:

    1. Where exactly did you configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses?
    2. Is this Logitech appliance active in the network where you configured OpenDNS?  I.e. does it use OpenDNS for its DNS queries?
    3. What exactly is the other end-point of this synchronization, i.e. how and where is this synchronization supposed to happen?  Is this other end-point's network also configured to use OpenDNS?
    4. Do these Logitech end-points use any private domain names to connect, domain names supplied by your ISP or created by you, so that only your ISP or your local network can resolve them?
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