Blocking proxy servers on Asus AC1900 With OpenDns


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "Blocking proxy servers on Asus AC1900 With OpenDns"

    This is a contradiction.  You can either block something with your router or with OpenDNS.  You did already everything "to block url web proxies using the proxy category", and not only this, you also blocked domains where proxy software can be downloaded from, and blocked domains where proxy software may connect to.  This is all OpenDNS as DNS service can do for you.  Everything else is outside of scope of OpenDNS and of DNS.

    So now, is it right that you expect us other users to do the following for you?

    • Search the internet for the user manual of your specific router model.
    • Study this user manual to find out if outbound firewall rules can be configured to block certain IP addresses/ranges, ports and/or protocols.
    • Describe in detail what to do.

    Or would you prefer to research this yourself maybe?  At least as far as you can proceed?

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