Any way to increase the effectiveness of blocked content?



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    "is there any way to block by partial URL?"

    No, a DNS (Domain Name System) service only knows about domains, as its name already clearly says.  It doesn't know about URLs, web pages, images, videos, content or any other objects.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.  So don't look for "phone calls" or snippets of "phone calls".

    In other words, you can block domains where content is hosted on which you don't want to see.

    "To my surprise that turned out to be a LOT of options.  One of them even ended with ".sex""

    Great, why not simply blocking the TLD sex with your "always block" list if you are concerned, same as e.g. xxx ?

    "A lot of the things that get through seem to be blatant porn websites"

    Ok, but then you apparently did not block the domains where this content is hosted on, so easy.  Time to do it now.

    If you find such domains not being categorized this way, you should and can easily submit them to their category:
    Domain tagging is community effort, and you're part of the community, no matter if you participate or not.

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    mikesdns (Edited )

    Hey rotblitz! 

    Thanks for the info. I didn't realize it would work to block them like that.

    I did go in and added sites to my blocked list, and added them into the submission area as well as update them.  But I've already reached my 25 item max.


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Well, you may be able to reduce the amount of your entries.  If you post a screen shot of your "always block" list, I may have ideas.

    Also, OpenDNS Home VIP has 50 entry slots for each, blacklist and whitelist if 25 is not enough for you.

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