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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Too bad that you didn't show the "Diagnostic info" in your screen shot.  It could have helped.

    Do you get an e-mail if you "Report an incorrect block"?  If not, you're not using your settings, but another user's settings, because you may not have your IP address registered at

    If it is not this, the CNAME is an alias for the real name with another CNAME of  So ensure that you didn't block something like or the related subdomains of it with your settings. 

    "It's been over a month since I added them."

    This has nothing to do with waiting.  The time to wait is 3 minutes only if you flushed your caches too.  Else you can wait forever if you don't fix it.

    Also, the entry is obsolete in your list, because already covers this and all subdomains like www.  You can safely remove it.  It just eats up your 25 entry slots.  You better add instead, but only if this is blocked by your settings.

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