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    You should get stats and logs from all the devices using OpenDNS. 
    Visit on your devices to see if they are using OpenDNS. 
    Also ensure that you have your IP address registered at and that you have stats and logs enabled at your dashboard.

    Further, stats are not real-time.  Initially it takes 24 hours to appear, going further it takes 1-3 hours.

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    My IP address is listed so I assume it's registered?  I do have stats and logs enabled but I thought that since I used my wireless router for the DNS settings that I didn't need to do anything on my other devices but you're saying that isn't so correct?  What do I need to do on the other devices and thanks for your help?

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    No, you shouldn't need to do anything on your other devices.  As I said, you can visit on your devices to confirm if they are using OpenDNS if you are in doubt that they are using OpenDNS.

    As for your IP address registered, it should appear bold on your dashboard network, like this:

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    root_cause (Edited )

    Make sure you use the follwing DNS if yo use a Home Basics account and for Home Basics Account and you are currently used for Family Shield Account.

     Also make sure in router you select to use those specifics DNS (home basics acocunt if you have it)

    thats why you might not see any stats updates

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