What am I doing wrong?



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    How am I to block a porn site?


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    I thought the description for family shield said it blocks pornography and sexual stuff....maybe I just don't get it.

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    Do you use OpenDNS at all?  Check it at http://welcome.opendns.com/
    If not, then clearly, nothing can be blocked for you.  You must use OpenDNS for this.

    If you have the FamilyShield addresses and configured, then domains categorized as porn should be blocked if you're using OpenDNS.  You cannot block additional things unless you use the dashboard too.

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    root_cause and for Home Basics Account and you are currently used for Family Shield Account.

    for home basics account you have a dashboard https://dashboard.opendns.com/

    and you can go at web content filter, and you can see there every category and such

    for familyshield you dont have a dashboard im afraid, if you want to use dashboard you need to create an account and setup the dns into the router, i will gladly help you if you wish

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    Which type of account will block inappropriate content?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    It's not the type of account, but the sevice you select for your account.  The Cisco/OpenDNS services being able to block certain domains are:

    • OpenDNS Home Basic (blocking configurable)
    • OpenDNS Home VIP (blocking configurable)
    • OpenDNS FamilyShield (no account needed)
    • Netgear Live Parental Controls (requires a Netgear router)
    • Cisco Umbrella (blocking configurable)

    A DNS service cannot block "content".  It can block domains where content is hosted on.

    Also, did you check by visiting http://welcome.opendns.com/ if you're using OpenDNS at all?  (This check is independent from the service you're using.)

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    root_cause (Edited )

    The Family Shield Account you dont have a dashboard, is preconfigured

    Home Basics Account you have a dashboard with stats and content filter

    OpenDNS Dashboard you can block categories, block specifically up to 25 domains *as an example youtube.com* or allow up to 25 domains *as an example opendns.com*

    Check the following link to see if you use OpenDNS


    After you confirmed you use OpenDNS if a domain is not being blocked check and see if the domain is blocked on this page


    If it is blocked but not blocked and you confirmed you use OpenDNS on the previous link, open your cmd * to do so if you have windows 10 use cortana and type cmd* and it shall open an window* type there the following *ipconfig /flushdns* that will force dns to recache new data

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    Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000267 EndHTML:001858463 StartFragment:001857878 EndFragment:001858431 StartSelection:001857878 EndSelection:001858427 SourceURL:https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115020365163-Why-is-it-so-hard-to-protect-families-

    I had all the same complaints.

    First, add the ip4 on your router as the instructions state.

    Second, add to your ip6 the following:


    Also, do allow your router to automatically set its own IP6, it must go to these OpenDNS settings.  I'm not sure why that not in the setup instructions.


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    The addresses 2620:0:ccc::2 and 2620:0:ccd::2 do not come with content filtering and stats.  You would have to use from the following resolver addresses:
    ::ffff:d043:dede   ::ffff:d043:dcdc   ::ffff:d043:dedc   ::ffff:d043:dcde

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