DNS conflicts with home hub and video on demand etc.



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Could it be that your ISP uses private domain names for IPTV, not resolvable via public DNS services like OpenDNS, but only resolvable when using your ISP's DNS service?

    If it is this, then you have to contact your ISP to find out what you have to do to use public 3rd party DNS services like OpenDNS.  They probably will tell you that they expect you not using 3rd party DNS services...

    Your other option may be to connect another router to the Home Hub where you configure OpenDNS and connect all end user devices.  Just the IPTV remains connected to the Home Hub.

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    Thanks.  I was able to get it working properly again and with Netflix/VOD working correctly too.  Seems like it may have just needed a restart of the modem after setting the manual DNS addresses.  Seemed to do the trick anyhow. 

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    Also make sure you add bell.ca to never block even if you set to not block. There were 3 bell domains being blocked on OpenDNS which seemed to be messing with stuff like Netflix, On Demand and even the space remaining function on the PVR. This is with a Segemcom 3000

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