AVG Internet Security interfering with OpenDNS filtering (solved)



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    Yes, this is known for AVG and Avast:

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    So I have the same issue, my filtering from NetGear Parental controls doesn't work anymore since I bought AVG Internet Security last week.But, when I switch off that component that you mention, AVG keeps showing I'm not completely protected. 

    What else does that AVG component do? is it safe to switch it off?

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    "What else does that AVG component do?"

    It hi-jacks your DNS traffic and sends it to AVG/Avast's DNS service, so that it doesn't go to the DNS service you have configured, e.g. not to OpenDNS.

    "is it safe to switch it off?"

    This is your decision to use either OpenDNS or AVG/Avast.  You can just use one DNS service.

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