LPC and Netgear.OpenDNS.com do not work



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The first thing: Stop using LPC and OpenDNS Home in parallel.  These services are incompatible, and you always will get inconsistent results.

    Stopping OpenDNS Home:

    For using LPC, follow only https://kb.netgear.com/25687/
    Do not do anything else.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I guess I should have been more clear - I am not attempting to use LPC and OpenDNS in parallel.  I was attempting to use one or the other.  I cannot get LPC to work (on its own).  Netgear.OpenDNS no longer works since updating to the newest version of Genie.  So I am left without any ability to filter using either LPC  xor  Netgear.OpenDNS.

    Given the information available it appears Netgear is encouraging clients to move away from Netgear.OpenDNS to LPC.  There a number of feature differences between the two and I thought to give LPC a try.

    However, in attempting to configure for LPC, I cannot get it to work because of the warning message about not having a suitable router driver.  The drivers were updated but accessing LPC was still not possible.  The most that can be done is access a Netgear website providing general information about LPC.

    Given the above, I am left with re-attempting to get Netgear.OpenDNS working again.  For that I need to have the DNS settings for Netgear.OpenDNS.  I can locate the DNS settings for OpenDNS (which does work) but I cannot find the DNS settings for Netgear.OpenDNS.  Would you happen to know what Netgear.OpenDNS settings are? 


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Similar or identical problems with LPC have been reported here recently, that it doesn't work anymore since the last updates.  I have not seen a solution yet.  Your best bet is to raise a support ticket, "Submit a request" above.


    Alternatively use OpenDNS Home, not LPC.

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