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    That option already exists in the various paid products that OpenDNS has. They won't be adding it to this free product.

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    Thanks mattwilson9090; the official reply on a support ticket is to "add this request here", usually if they got many petetions on a feature, they enable it.

    Paid version isn't just about email summaries, there are many other more features there :)

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    I'm well aware of what the paid products are about. You asked about one particular feature and I said how you could get that feature.

    It would have been polite to say that you'd already been in touch with support and they told you to post this request here, then I wouldn't have wasted my time giving you answer that you already had.

    Over the years many people have asked for this and other features that are only available in the paid products and they have never gotten any of them in the paid product. What you got was a canned answer, a polite brush-off of something they have no intention of doing.

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    You may want to check out something like before OpenDNS introduce the feature in 20 years.

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