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    What does your user manual say about monitoring network traffic with this specific model?  It doesn't say anything about it?  Then it is most likely not possible.  One thing is for sure: your question is not related to "Live Parental Controls" in the meaning of Netgear and OpenDNS which doesn't come with any monitoring.

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    What are your suggestions regarding monitoring Net Traffic?  That is, I have adult teenagers in the home who are spending more and more time on the net.  I do not wish to block anything but to monitor and what they are doing on "My" internet and use that information to have meaningful discussions with them.  I have a Netgear Nighthawk X4S router.  Any help or suggestions that you can give would be greatly appreciated.    Allen

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    Google is your friend. This user forum is about OpenDNS and related products like LPC. Neither product has anything to do with monitoring network traffic. So like rotblitz said, what does your user manual say about monitoring network traffic. If it doesn't say anything you should probably go to Google or some forum devoted to general computer or network issues.

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    One option would be to use OpenDNS Home instead of Live Parental Controls.  OpenDNS Home comes with stats and logs of your DNS traffic which is only loosly related to web traffic however.  At least it may give you some ideas about what web activity is going on in your network.

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