YouTube blocked on browser, not app.


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    If you had searched the forum before posting this you'd have seen that there are many, many threads in here asking exactly this question. You should do that.

    The bottom line is that OpenDNS is a DNS based service. As such it can block anything by domain name, but knows nothing about websites, pages, content, images, apps or anything else that is not a video. You will need to identify the domain or domains that the particular version of your app, on your particular device and it's operating system uses. Assuming that it actually uses domains and not just hard coded IP addresses.

    Of course, since you are talking about an app, I'm assuming you want to block this on a mobile device. As soon as that device switches to another network (someone else's WiFi or the carriers data plan) OpenDNS won't be blocking it anyway since OpenDNS Home only protects your home network, not your device as it roams around the world.

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