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    OpenDNS have clearly expressed that they won't provide the Advertising category for blocking, because this breaks many web pages.  You can block related domains individually though as I do.

    How would you define a Privacy categorie?  What would be the criteria to add domains to it?

    You never should block CDNs (Content Delivery Networks - is this what you call "content web delivery"?), because you will break most major websites.  And these CDNs are almost covered by the Business Services and Software/Technology categories already.

    New categories can be suggested at

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    Thanks for fast replying, what i mean by privacy and web delevry content is sites wich collect/share your data and track you around your daily basics as chrome extentions wich contact sites to do so or softwares (without giving names)..etc

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Ah, you mean trackers, i.e. their domains.  This makes sense.

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    I'm only going to jump on the Advertising portion of the comment because it's, well, stupid.

    They do it no problem -

    Doesn't seem to break anything. Then again I'm guessing they didn't get a diploma out of a cracker jack box.


    Sometimes you just don't need your kids getting an advertisement for something they can't buy. With Alternate DNS you almost never have to worry about a pop with a fake Microsoft tech support site. Or, if your elderly parents find some clickbait, you don't have to worry about them calling you because a robot is talking to them and telling them that their computer is infected with a virus and it's going to have to be shutdown.

    Honestly if you want a quick fix in this example, it is, you don't recommend opendns which kind of sucks. So I figured I'd drop my two cents in because alternate dns does a better job at keeping my elderly mother out of harms way than opendns does.


    Because there are some SHADY ad companies out there and they will sell a redirect with some garbage in a heart beat. They don't care if the page gets shut down, cause they'll make another one and they get paid again.

    To add to this.

    We need a Reputable Advertising Section and a Not Reputable Advertising Section. Then you can tell me that the Reputable one breaks sites, and I'll go with it. But saying that all of them break sites is just dumb. Okay you want Googles ads, fine, and Youtubes ads fine. But do we really need to be forced to keep ad servers that advertise fake Microsoft tech support virus sites and OH MY GOD your Adobe Flash is out of date! Click here Now?

    Maybe they just burned out in college or they get a little side money from the "Internet Bad Guys".

    I'd really like to recommend this and feel stronger about it, but from my perspective this is way too complicated for some and a predefined setup like alternate dns is so easy and proving to be far safer when it comes to just changing a couple dns lines.

    Norton has 3 you pick the one that best suits you. Doesn't block ads, but that easy setup is nice for some people.

    I think the fake Microsoft virus tech support sites and adobe flash garbage has got me a little bent out of shape with helping others, and personally I'd like to see anything you can do when it comes to that. So far, the easiest thing I've been able to recommend to people is alternate dns and changing them over is just so easy. I have no clue what they are doing and I have nothing personally to do with them. I just don't think they'd be as reliable or as well known as opendns. So why not make this a better place?

    Really the advertisement comment is just ridiculous, untrue, and doesn't make any sense. It's just quick words to stay out of a lawsuit or something. Keep the good, and let the community decide which the offenders and bad guys are.

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    Needs a special tag.

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    Found through advertising

    Both Microsoft Virus Fake Tech Support

    Comes from advertising popups, new tabs popups,

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    How does one tag IP addresses?  And why should one tag IP addresses if such links do not involve DNS, i.e. nothing goes to your DNS service like OpenDNS?

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    From what I understand, other entities use OPENDNS for filtration. Obviously not reporting in the sense of IPs. Which might be one of those thoughts you put in the Idea Bank. Right?

    In other words thanks for looking for something wrong with what I'm writing but missing the point.

    FYI - I obtained those IPs through a domain name, while using OPENDNS. Would you say that domain names use DNS?  Do you honestly think I sit around scanning IPs all day?

    OPENDNS didn't block the site that has false advertising and Microsoft Tech Support Fraud. So I figured I'd share, God forbid someone missed that I was on OPENDNS Idea Bank and OPENDNS is a DNS service.

    Any way between Domain Tagging and Phishtank I'd like to drop them in both for reporting purposes, I know DTing doesn't work which I wish it did for reporting purposes, even if DNS doesn't use it and Phishtank seems to have an email only feel to it, even though I tend to mainly find and support a group of individuals who find them through popups and redirects.

    I'd guess I'd have a really hard time understanding if you worked for OPENDNS and didn't understand supporting a Family scenario of Husband Wife Kids. Kids get in to stuff and screw up parents computer. So if you are going to play in that field, I'd like to be able to report certain scenarios or talk about it in the idea bank and be heard.

    Maybe instead I need to take a chill pill and not spell it out I guess.

    Short Answer - You can't currently, can't report, you have to manually report yourself and for newer folks to computers no explanation is given on how to do it if you try.

    Second question reply - It's like saying why should you report a drug dealer on a corner if you don't know his name. You still want to report it if the purpose is keeping the community safe. Maybe you can't use that information, but I would imagine you know someone in the industry that can.

    Welcome to the Idea Bank!


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    "From what I understand, other entities use OPENDNS for filtration."


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