Unblocking without loosing the list of blocked/unblocked sites



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    It is not the concept of OpenDNS to change the settings so much often.  If you want to have scheduled settings, you had to go for a Netgear router with LPC enabled.

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    I see the answers and I am still amazed that years pass by and OpenDNS does not provide a solution to this (to save the blocked content in a configuration file).  

    It is not that I would like to change or switch off on a regular basis.  It is the fact that there are times things get blocked internally and the only way to make sure OpenDNS is not the cause of that is by disabling it, but that is the problem, because if one disables, then all individual pages and domain blocked are gone from OpenDNS and you have to type one by one.  There is not even at least a kind of table input in which one could copy and past all the blocked sites, which increases the pain.

    I will give an example that happened to me sometime ago.  I believe I started having issues with skype of a similar product, email, I do not recall exactly, but the thing is that the software I was having issues with, was not actually calling a url in which one could see OpenDNS is blocking.   It took me 1. loosing all the pages I had blocked in OpenDNS, to find out OpenDNS was the actual software blocking the application I was having issues with. 2. Having to retype one by one the entries to be blocked as they came up through time, because I did not take time to save them at least in a text file myself.

    If OpenDNS chest up says they are preferred customer of so important companies, I mean, come on guys you can do it!!!

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    Aha, I see now!

    "the only way to make sure OpenDNS is not the cause of that is by disabling it"

    Yep, this is the wrong approach.  The right approach is to change the DNS settings to another DNS service on the computer or device where you want to test this out.  There are even apps out there where you can do this with one mouse-click, like http://www.eusing.com/ipswitch/free_ip_switcher.htm

    "come on guys you can do it!!!"

    No, I can't.  I'm just a user like you.  And I don't need the feature of saving the dashboard settings.  And you don't need it either.  You just didn't know.

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