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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Baidu, Inc., incorporated on January 18, 2000, is a Chinese-American web services company headquartered at the Baidu Campus in Beijing's Haidian District. It is one of the largest Internet companies in the world.

    These DNS requests come out of your network.  There is no way to see your internal infrastructure from an external service like OpenDNS.  You would want to find the device and program out yourself which raises these requests, by installing sniffer software like or  I could think of a Baidu web browser add-on or other helper app which would cause these DNS lookups.

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    I am noticing the same thing with lookups. For example on a single day I have the top 5 OpenDNS lookup stats:

    1 14,118
    2 374
    3 361
    4 346
    5 308

    We have a 2 macs, 2 iphones, a OnePlus3, Huawei P20Pro, and 2 Window machines in addition to a Playstation, Samsung and routing devices. Identifying which machine is making the abuse requires me to install something between our Wifi router and Internet provider device. I understand there is not much else to do since domain lookups do not include much metadata. 

    I did try to block the domain in my OpenDNS panel but that failed with a "Error blocking undefined" message. I thought that if I blocked it, maybe I could identify what machine started complaining. Anyone have an idea why can I not block


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    You must block it from the content filtering page, not from the stats page.

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