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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Correct, this has been requested many times in the idea bank. And keyword blocking with OpenDNS would even more slow down things, Because everything has to go via the cloud.

    Also, a DNS service like OpenDNS does not know about pop-ups. It just knows about domains.

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    List it as an option or offer it as a pay for service.  This way it doesn't affect everyone.

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    Yes, some people don't mind a bit slower if keywords can be enforced. Many times there are far too many websites to block, especially smaller one, especially on stuff that open dns doesn't "officially" block. Many use this service to help them stop distractions, so if we can prevent a keyword that is creating the distractions it will allow them to enjoy your service more. I don't mind paying for this. 

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    Then you should vote up the idea.  This is what counts, not your comment.

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